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On Yellow Mountain (黄山), his latest DC release as a leader, Rick Frank returns to the recording studio with special guests Oscar Stagnaro on bass, and Paulo Stagnaro on percussion. Yellow Mountain also contains a composition, "Island of Introspection" by one of Rick's high school classmates, Tom Davis.

The title track, composed by Rick, was inspired by a trip to China he took with his family in 2007. The cover photo was taken by Rick at Huang Shan (translation - Yellow Mountain). The song attempts to capture the power of the landscape at Huang Shan, and also the respect he has for the strength and resilience of the Chinese people that he observed during his travels around China.

《黄山》是 Rick Frank 最新的 CD。作为乐队主导,Rick Frank 和他的特邀乐手Oscar Stagnaro(演奏贝斯),以及Paulo Stagnaro (演奏手鼓) 一起制作了这部作品。这个CD 也 包括了Rick Frank 高中同学 Tom Davis 的作品《Island of Introspection》。

这个CD的主体乐曲是 Rick Frank 创作的。他的创作灵感来自他二零零七年的中国之旅。这个CD的 封面照片是Rick Frank 在中国黄山拍摄的。这首乐曲力图表现黄山的震撼之美,也表现了作者对他所看到的中国人民的顽强意志的赞美。


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My step-mother gave me my first jazz record – “Benny Goodman, live at the Brussels World Fair” which had Roy Burns on Drums. She also gave me one of her records, “Oscar Peterson: A Portrait of Frank Sinatra” with Ed Thigpen on drums. I started out listening to Dixieland jazz, and worked my way up through the various styles as my interests broadened over time.
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