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"Yellow Mountain" The music of Decker Creek's latest release, YellowMountain, contains some stellar performances by Rick Frank's talented sidemen. There are also two special guests - Grammy winning bassist Oscar Stagnaro and hi son Paulo on percussion. . Click here to listen. Available at: CD Babyand iTune


"Brookline, Summer" The music of Brookline, Summer spans a wide spectrum of jazz, from the earlier days of bebop with Jeff Galindo's Tickle Bug, to the more contemporary sound of Mark Snyder's arrangement of his tune Acrisius' Daughter. Nine tracks in all, some with that full horn section sound. Click here to listen. Available at: CD Baby and iTunes

"Labyrinth" After more than 15 years away from music, drummer Rick Frank has returned to assemble a quartet featuring some of Boston's top musicians - pianist Brad Hatfield, guitarist Jim Robitaille, and bassist Mark Snyder. From the subtle energy of the Jim Robitaille's title track "The Labyrinth" to the edgy, urban feel of Mark Snyder's "Lucid Dreams", the music on this new CD release has an integrity and energy sure to please fans of contemporary jazz. Click here to listen or Click here to learn more or BUY Labyrinth. Also available at: CD Baby

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Drummer - Rick Frank
My step-mother gave me my first jazz record – “Benny Goodman, live at the Brussels World Fair” which had Roy Burns on Drums. She also gave me one of her records, “Oscar Peterson: A Portrait of Frank Sinatra” with Ed Thigpen on drums. I started out listening to Dixieland jazz, and worked my way up through the various styles as my interests broadened over time.
 Rick's Bio at "All About Jazz"